Blind Spots

We get it, you want it all NOW.
And that’s precisely what’s part of the problem:

You’re being pulled away from
your answer.

By now it’s ingrained in us: instant gratification.

We all want the one thing. The one secret. The one answer that will set us free FAST.

  • “THE way” gets preached as the ultimate answer for your problems … no other way needed (or even tolerated)
  • Another magic wand waves our attention away, fixes our eyes on the latest shiny object.
  • The all-in-one prescription (without diagnosis) is ready to send you into a seizure of allergic reactions, or into the hospital with a broken back.

In the athletic world it’s only common sense to diagnose before prescribing.

Yet when it comes to achieving your goals … the ‘what if my’ gets muzzled away with a “just do it”.

We learn to suppress and tuck away the voice and story inside. We ignore that voice.

There’s a story in your subconscious.

And without realizing it, that “story” played on repeat. All day. Every day.

It was the cause and source of something both you and we know very well –


You probably knew what to do and in most cases, even how to do it.

But there was something preventing you from actually getting it done.

We live in such a testosterone-heavy culture that is forever telling us to just ‘kick the door down’, ‘get after it’, ‘be relentless’ and ‘kill it’.

That stuff never worked for us. And I’ll bet that it doesn’t work for you sustainably, either.

The “gentle way” is way too often confused for being less effective or somehow a “wussification” type of path – maybe because it lacks for the dramatics of most motivational messages we get bombarded with over and over again.

But it is the only way that creates lasting change and sustainability.

You have an internal dialogue.

An unconscious “story” that is speaking to you at every moment of every day.

95% of the time, you pay no attention to it whatsoever.

But it controls your life.

It’s what makes the path simple or hard.

What makes the venture successful or not.

What makes you happy and fulfilled or miserable and unsatisfied.

We ignore that internal story … yet that story is the key to your answer.

Mantras & marketing condition you to ignore the story you’re telling yourself.

Yes, we like mantras like “TAKE ACTION” and “JUST DECIDE” as much as anyone, but can we tell you what 25 years in the trenches has taught us?

Less than 10% of people who attend conferences, purchase coaching or read self-help books routinely will ever actually do that.

They won’t “take action”.

They don’t know how to “just decide”.

And THAT’S the disconnect.

You CANNOT out-goal-set and unsuccessful mindset….

Billions of dollars are spent by fitness consumers every single year, but the world keeps getting more overweight and unhealthy.

Billions of dollars are spent by entrepreneurs every single year, but the average business owner is just barely scraping by.

Billions of dollars are spent by self-help hopefuls every single year, but our society continues to crumble into a mess of polarization and sadness.

Conferences are attended.

Coaches are hired.

Specialists are sought-out.

Notes are taken, action steps planned and “THIS IS THE ONE” mentalities are rejoiced…

…and then…


People continue their unfortunate march towards unhealthy, broke and sad.

No matter how hard you try.

No matter how many conferences you attend.

No matter how often you post on Facebook that this is “your year”.

No matter how many high-energy gurus get you fired up.

No matter how badly you want it.

For us, it ISN’T about teaching you more ‘stuff’ or ‘firing you up’…


You’ve been through a lot.
Enough is enough.

So you’ve tried and failed in the past.
So you’ve done it a lot.

That’s okay. That was before.
You can accept that.

In fact, ACCEPTANCE is only A number 1 in a simple 4-A roadmap to eliminating your limits — for good.


Great. LET’S MOVE ON shall we?


To become aware of the contents of the story hiding in our subconscious.

Because damn it, that story has already kept you from…

…making more money
…growing a successful business
…finally making real the dream you’ve been carrying in your heart
…losing the weight and keep it off
…increasing your self-worth
…getting that job promotion
…stopping to feel so STUCK and helpless

This has got to end.
And it has got to end fast.

And it WILL end for good — when you reach step 4.

Do you enjoy feeling inferior?

…when everyone else has what they want and YOU can’t get it?

…when peers dumber than you win with the same programs and people you’ve invested in, and you walk away deeper in debt?

…when you see happiness around you, but the life YOU have is not the one you want, and you hide that sadness every day?

…when others have adventures and make lasting memories, while your life is FLASHING by at a speed that scares the living shit out of you?

… when others are enjoying their youth, yet you’re always too busy to do what you really want to do?

Listen. We both will say this to your face from a place of caring. Of love.

We say this because if you’ve reached this page, it means you’re only 10% removed from changing your life dramatically.

We’ll be as brutal as humanly possible, because anger is one tiny stair step better than depression.

Let’s make that anger work FOR you. Not AGAINST you. And in order to do that we need to direct it to your blind spots.

You’ll stay blind forever … unless you do something about it.

Luckily … there is good news.


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– Brian and Carrie