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What Are Clubhouse Members Saying?

As a Founding Member of the brand-new ClubHouse, you’re getting an immersion experience that we’ve never seen done before.

Here are just 7 things you’re getting when you join the Clubhouse:

(1) A physical copy of both the “Brian & Carrie – Achieve the Goals You Set” personal journal as well as the “Daily Reader” so you create momentum towards your goals every single day.


Here’s a devastating statistic:

92% of people who set goals DO NOT achieve them.

…but why?

Its because you’re lacking two things:

Social Support, and Accountability.

Studies show that “accountability” and “social support” are the 2 biggest factors for achieving your goals – whether they’re financial, spiritual, physical or emotional goals.

Inside the “Clubhouse”, you choose your goals and we create a DAILY PLATFORM that keep you accountable to yourself and the community.

Not only that, but we’re a closed private community . . .

That means if there are sensitive issues you’d rather not talk about in public, you can address them here – in a safe, protected place.

Now you can express yourself in confidence, knowing you’re surrounded by a like-minded community that care about you.

In the Clubhouse,
you won’t be just a ‘member’.

You’ll be a FAMILY MEMBER.

But that’s not all you’re getting. It gets even better because we’re also bringing you:

(3) Exclusive Experts.

The leaders in business, fitness, lifestyle, nutrition, love/relationships and time management go LIVE with us exclusively inside the Clubhouse.

As a member, you get to learn AND ask questions to some of the most notably successful people on the planet.

So you can now get the proven methods to improve your relationships, your health or your business…

How much would that be worth to you?

But we’re not stopping there. We’re really excited about the next thing you’re getting, which is…

(4) Community & Contribution Initiatives.

Want to be part of a global community that raises funds for under-privileged schools in Mexico? Feeds the homeless? Supports soldiers and peace keepers in war-torn areas?

Rising tides lift all boats and the Clubhouse will be engaging in massive humanitarian projects worldwide that you can be part of.

Experts all over the world agree that contributing to those less fortunate than ourselves is the most powerful way to feel fulfilled.

That’s because through giving, you remind yourself how much abundance you’ve actually created in your life.

You can make a difference in this world. We’d love to do it with you.

Let’s do it together: you, us, and the rest of the Clubhouse family?

But wait, there’s more…

(5) DISCOUNTS! (woo hoo!)

Want to come to a Brian & Carrie Retreat? Participate in our Apprentice Program?

EVERY current and future services will be offered to Clubhouse members FIRST (before the rest of the world) AND at a discounted rate.

(6) Opportunities for Leadership.

Would you like your life to have greater meaning, passion and purpose?

How about you become a teacher, leader, mentor and community leader within the Clubhouse walls?

Create tutorials, lessons and opportunities for fellow Clubhouse-Mates to grow. We are hiring into our corporate structure heavily and we will only be looking at Clubhouse members for these opportunities.

(7) Exclusive Tutorials & Insights for Clubhouse Members.

Extra lessons, tutorials and “how-to” processes that we will create specifically and exclusively for the Clubhouse.

So, Wanna Join Us On This Crazy Ride?

At this point you may be thinking,

This sounds epic… but how much is ALL OF THIS gonna cost?

And that was a tough question for us to figure out too.

After all,

This is the first and only private community that get daily access to us, and our new team of trained “B&G” Coaches…

This is us giving you our absolute BEST work, insights and support – that we’ve invested decades of time and hundreds of thousands of dollars to acquire…

…and we’re giving you the physical copies of our books and materials to maximize your results.

You know this is easily worth tens of thousands of dollars. (Really, its priceless when you think of the quality of life you can create).

But we love you guys. And we want to eliminate ALL barriers to you getting in this program.

So for a limited time your investment for the entire year (+ all materials and bonuses)

…is only $700.

And we’re gonna make it even easier:

Because we’re offering you an installment plan where you put just $200 down today, followed by monthly installments of only $60.

That’s IT!

Once again,

$200 down today.
Followed by $60/month


We do plan to increase the investment soon.

So, if you want to eliminate your limits inside our crazy house and make a huge saving, join us now .

Click the link here to get started today! <<

Here’s What Happens Next…

Once your order is complete, your physical products will be shipped to you..

You’ll then be added to our private Clubhouse community group, and will get your bonus materials and tools

We’ll start getting to know each other even more intimately.